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Your Professional Lithium Battery Manufacturer

Minghong as a global lithium battery manufacturer, can develop and configure LiFePO4 batteries according to product requirements and manufacture and sell application products such as lithium battery systems and energy storage systems.

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Feature Products

Our Lithium Batteries Including

LiFePO4 Battery

We manufacture and distribute high-quality lithium-ion batteries in 12V, 24V, 48V, and And other High Voltage battery, from 24Ah to 500Ah are available. Our lithium batteries are made of high-quality, environmentally friendly materials.
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Dual Purpose Battery

The battery, which was developed independently by our company, integrates power and energy storage. It can be used as a power battery for tricycles or golf carts and as an outdoor mobile power source.
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Power Battery

Whether you need fast-charging, high-energy density or long-life batteries, we can provide you with a full range of power solutions, and our power batteries are widely used in golf carts, tricycles, electric motorbikes and more!
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Storage Battery

Our energy storage batteries can be used in series and parallel, and can be integrated into a variety of energy storage system scenarios, including domestic and industrial applications.
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About Us

China Lithium Battery Supplier

Equipped with state-of-art facilities and equipment, certified with quality system lSO9001, environmental management System ISO14001, and Occupation Health and Management System lSO45001 complied with up-to-date certifications: UL, RoHS, CE, BIS, MSDS.UN38.3, Minghong’s battery perfectly meets international standards with excellent performance and safety compliance and is fully qualified for high and OEM/ODM markets.

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Why Chooes Us

20 Years of Experience in Battery Manufacturing

Advanced Technology

We focus on the technological innovation and application development of energy storage systems digital monitoring, intelligent power batteries, and intelligent lead-acid replacement batteries. We master core technologies such as intelligent algorithms, data statistics, remote monitoring, Bluetooth technology, SOC calculation, ultra-low power consumption, intelligent displays, black boxes, and more.


We offer customized services according to customer demand, customized supporting high rate, high capacity, low temperature, cylindrical cell, prismatic cell, pouch cell, the main product target is to replace the lead-acid lithium battery, electric two-wheel, three-wheel, AGV, forklift special application battery, base station, and home energy storage battery, industrial energy storage and small storage battery, etc.

Professional Team

Our core personnel are from Huawei, BYD, Watma, Bic, and other enterprises, with more than 10 years of research and development and application experience with lithium battery products and more than 15 years of intelligent manufacturing operation management experience. It has software and hardware engineers of more than 20 people, with high and low-voltage wiring harnesses, terminal development, and production teams.

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Primary Lithium Battery Application


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What's The Delivery Time Of The Battery?

3-10 work days; specific delivery time depend on the quantity and requirement.

Don’t worry, our batteries are certified according to UN 38.3 standards for transportation safety. As a result, our batteries are well-protected during transportation, minimizing any potential risks.

It depends on the country and the shipping way you choose. Most Asian countries, most European countries, the United States, and Canada have tax-included shipping channels.

Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.

We Successfully Complete 500+ Battery Projects Per Year

Our battery technology is at the forefront internationally, and we have deep collaborations with CATL, BYD, EVE Energy, and others. Additionally, we have multiple offices worldwide, including in Canada, South America, Africa, and Thailand.

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