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Who We Are

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Factory

Minghong Power is a high-tech innovation company based in China that deals in the research and development, design, production, sales, and maintenance of energy storage systems, power lithium batteries, and solar systems.

Our company has ten years of experience in BMS and lithium battery systems, and we’ve set up an R&D center in Shenzhen with over 20 engineers focused on BMS and IoT module development.

Our Mission

Providing high-quality green energy products for humanity, creating a pollution-free green environment!

Our Vision

We are achieving customer value, realizing employee value, and making the company a leading high-tech enterprise in the elite field!

Our Value

We uphold the core values of proactivity, diligence, innovation, and win-win, facing challenges proactively, taking responsibility, and actively embracing change.



Our Story

Dec 2017

MingHong was founded in December 2017, located in Dongguan, Guangdong, and is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.


Dec 2018

April 2018 began production, ISO9001 certification was obtained in August, with an annual revenue exceeding 10 million yuan.

Dec 2019

Established a Shenzhen branch in June, with a German office. Annual revenue exceeds 25 million yuan.

Dec 2020

Moved into the Lihou Innovation Base in February, became a listed company in September, and obtained national high-tech enterprise status in December. Annual revenue exceeded 60 million yuan.

Dec 2021

Obtained ISO14001 certification, recognized as a "Growth Enterprise," obtained ISO45001 certification, with an annual revenue exceeding 13.2 billion yuan.

Dec 2022

In December, recognized as a provincial specialized and new innovative enterprise, awarded the "Growth Enterprise" title, and in November, passed as a city's backup listed company, with annual revenue exceeding 250 million yuan.


Our R&D Strength

Minghong Power leverages advanced structural and thermal management design techniques to effectively tackle heat dissipation and thermal coupling challenges. To further strengthen our R&D capabilities, we’ve implemented a joint lab system. This joint lab includes specialized facilities such as the battery system safety, performance, and electronics labs. These labs are instrumental in driving product R&D and fostering innovation across our offerings.

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