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How Much Is a Golf Cart Battery? Understanding the Costs

The cost of golf car batteries varies widely, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. This article answers your questions about how much you will likely spend buying these batteries. We also offer advice on what to look for by including practical selection tips.

How Much Is a Golf Cart Battery?

A single golf cart battery costs around $200-$2000, depending on whether it’s a lead acid or lithium type. Other factors like rated capacity and voltage will also influence the price.

If you intend to replace the pack powering your cart, you probably want to know how much money you need and what options are available.

Below, we break down the costs. This information will help you budget appropriately and get the best value for money.

Lead acid batteries cost less but offer fewer benefits
Lead acid batteries cost less but offer fewer benefits

What Determines Golf Cart Battery Cost

Many variables come into play when calculating the cost of golf cart batteries. Here’s an overview of these factors and their impact on your budget.

Battery Type

Two leading energy storage technologies are available today: traditional lead acid and new-age lithium batteries. The lead-acid types cost around $200-$400. Lithium batteries are more expensive, averaging $1000-$2000.

Voltage and Capacity

The batteries have varying voltage levels ranging from 6V, 8V, to 12V. They are also available in different amp/hour ratings or capacities: the higher the rating, the more expensive the price. For example, a 12V lithium battery rated 100Ah will cost you more than a 6V version with an 80Ah rating.

Number of Batteries

Your cart uses 4, 6, and sometimes eight individual batteries. If replacing them simultaneously, multiply each cost by the total number in the pack. Let’s say, for instance, that you want a 12V lithium-ion type for a 48V cart. If the one unit goes for $500, the total cost will be $2000.

Manufacturer Price

There are many battery brands on the market. These have varying prices as set by individual manufacturers. Generally, popular brands will cost you more to buy, and less-known brands less. That means two similar batteries (same capacity and voltage) could have different price tags.

Golfing cart battery replacement
Golfing cart battery replacement

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Golf Cart Batteries?

The amount you need for replacement depends on a few things. To arrive at a more accurate figure, consider the costs involved: the buying price and installation charges.

Initial Purchase Price

Buying golf car batteries will set you back about $200 if they are lead-acid and more than $1000 if you purchase lithium types. Because you will buy them in sets, these figures usually increase by 4, 6, or 8 times.

Installation Cost

You usually need a professional to install the battery set on your cart. The installation cost depends on the labor rates of your region. It also varies across different service providers. On average, you will spend $50-$100 on the task.

Should I Replace All Golf Cart Batteries at Once?

The answer is yes. While you could change only one unit from the pack, it is not advisable. Given the capacity and voltage difference between the new and older batteries, doing so would lead to an imbalance.

That, in turn, would cause improper charging and discharge cycles, ruining the entire pack. You could experience reduced performance or have to do a replacement too soon. In the long run, you may spend more.

6-volt battery types connected to make a power supply pack
6-volt battery types connected to make a power supply pack

What is the Best Golf Cart Battery to Buy?

The best golf cart battery for you perfectly fits your needs and budget. If you want a robust power source, go for lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion types have a higher capacity and can tolerate deeper discharge cycles. That’s in addition to them providing a constant voltage output even at a low charge. They also last longer, above seven years on average.

Lead acid types are a more affordable option. However, they have few charge cycles, between 300 and 500, and can only last around 3 to 5 years. They’re also heavier and more demanding to maintain.

Should you choose them, consider going for the sealed lead acid types such as AGM or Gel. They will cost you more but offer better characteristics, such as longer life and fewer maintenance requirements.

Tips for Buying a Golf Cart Battery

In addition to the cost of golf cart batteries, there are a few other important considerations when looking to replace them. The following tips will guide

1. How much weight will you be hauling? A heavier cart will need powerful batteries, so be sure to match your choice with the power requirements of your cart.

2. Consider your usage conditions. If you cover longer distances, choose a more powerful type, or if the terrain is more hill than flat.

3. Choose a type you can comfortably maintain. Some, like wet or flooded lead acid types, are more demanding to care for.

4. Compare different battery types and prices and choose what best suits your budget. Look out for seasonal discounts and coupons, too.

5. Check to see if the product has a strong warranty. The warranty for lead-acid types can range from 1-3 years and 3-5 years or longer for lithium-ion types.

6. Choose a size that matches the dimensions of your cart’s compartment, especially since you need several of them there.


In summary, the cost of golf cart batteries mainly depends on their type, with lithium-ion being the more expensive but better option. Other factors include the capacity and voltage or the number of units needed. Overall, the amount you spend on battery replacement should vary between 200 to over 2000 dollars per unit.

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