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Custom Lifepo4 Battery Service

OEM Lithium Battery Solutions

As a lithium battery manufacturer, we are committed to providing highly customized solutions for our customers, focusing on energy density, design, and manufacture. We have a skilled technical team and are one of the OEM/ODM manufacturers for numerous foreign brands. We can design batteries of different shapes and sizes according to customer usage needs, utilizing different electrochemical systems to meet their personalized requirements while ensuring optimal energy density.

Our battery management system technology is at an industry-leading level. We continuously innovate to address industry pain points and technical gaps, achieving functional and application-oriented solutions. Our expertise includes DCDC boost output technology, precise voltage, temperature, and SOC control, as well as intelligent monitoring features such as PC, color screens, bluetooth, GPRS, and more. Additionally, we possess advanced technologies such as output exceeding 300A and ultra-low power consumption.

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Our Battery Design Detail


Minghong can customize different battery voltage ranges, capacity, discharge rate and other parameters to meet your needs.


We offer a variety of customization options for the appearance of lithium batteries. From sleek modern designs to rugged enclosures for industrial or outdoor applications.


Our lithium battery function customisation can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, including those for basic functions and specialised applications.


We focus on providing customized lithium battery solutions for a wide range of applications.


We can customise high energy density, high cycle lithium batteries to meet your performance needs.


In line with our commitment to sustainability, our custom lithium batteries feature energy-efficient designs and use recyclable materials.

How We Work

Personalized Lithium Battery Design Workflow

Minghong lithium battery warehouse

Confirmation of Requirements

Communicate with the customer to confirm the battery’s usage requirements and technical specifications, including voltage, capacity, size, and shape. Also, determine if advanced features such as bluetooth, communication protocols, or coulomb counters are required.

lithium battery testing

Design and Engineering Validation

Our team develops a battery based on your requirements, including cell layout and package design. The design team conducts engineering verification through simulations and experiments to ensure the feasibility and performance of the plan. Once the solution is approved, we provide the corresponding 3D model drawings and product specifications for your confirmation.

lithium battery enclosure raw material

Raw Material Procurement

Purchase raw materials such as cell, separators, and casings that meet the specified requirements based on the design plan. Manufacture the corresponding battery BMS board as per client needs.

Prototype Production and Testing

Produce prototype batteries according to the design plan and manufacturing process, and perform various performance tests including capacity, cycle life, and safety performance tests.

Minghong lithium battery workshop

Client Prototype Confirmation

Send tested battery samples to the customer, who tests and evaluates them to confirm that the product meets expectations.

Mass Production Preparation and Production

We adjusted and optimized the production process based on customer feedback and test results. Subsequently, we start formal mass production to produce lithium batteries that meet customer requirements according to order demands. Throughout production, we conduct quality control and inspection to ensure that the products comply with relevant standards and regulations.

lithium battery packaging

Packaging, Delivery, and after-Sales

We package the finished batteries with clear product information and warning labels, arrange logistics for timely delivery, and provide technical support and after-sales service during client use. Additionally, we continuously track product performance in the market and gather client feedback to improve product quality and performance.

MingHong Power

Why Choose Us

low MOQ

Low MOQs

We offer low MOQs to accommodate varying order sizes.

Rich Experience

Rich Experience

More than 10 years of experience in the production and design of lithium batteries.

Competitive Price

We provide competitive price without compromising quality.

Quality Guarantee

Our lithium batteries meet industry certifications ISO9001.

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Freguently Asked questions

How to manufacture LiFePO4 battery?

In simple terms, to make a LiFePO4 battery, we start with raw materials such as lithium carbonate, iron phosphate, and conductive additives. These are mixed into a slurry, applied to electrodes, dried, and assembled into a cell using a separator and electrolyte. Finally, the cells are tested, formed, and packaged into battery packs.

LiFePO4 batteries are relatively expensive due to the cost of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process, particularly lithium and cobalt. In addition, the manufacturing process requires precision and safety measures that add to the overall cost.

Lithium batteries may seem cheaper but require expertise, specialized equipment, and safety precautions. Do-it-yourself battery assembly can be risky due to potential hazards such as short-circuiting or improper battery handling. Hence, buying off-the-shelf batteries from a reputable manufacturer is often cheaper and safer.

Quality Control

Our Battery Certification

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