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E Rickshaw Battery Manufacturer

We are a leading manufacturer of E rickshaw lithium batteries. We are committed to providing high-performance, reliable, and environmentally friendly battery solutions to ensure your e rickshaw operates reliably in all road and weather conditions.
Superior Waterproof Performance

Superior Waterproof Performance

Our lithium battery features a metal-sealed casing that protects the internal components from wind and rain. With IP67 waterproof protection and ABS material, the battery ensures stable operation in all weather conditions.

Temperature Robustness

Exceptional Temperature Performance

Our battery maintains excellent performance in low temperatures, operating reliably within a range of -4℉ (-20°C) to 158℉ (70°C). This means your e rickshaw runs dependably, whether in winter or summer, regardless of seasonal changes.

High Energy Density

With an energy density of 220 Wh/kg, our lithium battery provides a more extended driving range for the same weight. Each charge supports up to 100 kilometers, significantly reducing the charging frequency and enhancing operational efficiency.

Extremely Long Lifespan

The lifespan is up to 10 years, supporting 40% DOD cycles up to 20,00 times and 100% DOD cycles up to 6,000 times. This minimizes maintenance needs, significantly reducing replacement and maintenance costs.

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Why Chooes Us

Professional Rickshaw Battery Maufacturing

Our lithium batteries are UN 38.3 compliant, have no harmful emissions, and meet all U.S. and international air, ground, rail, and marine regulations. In addition, we offer customized battery services to meet your specific needs and ensure you get the ideal power solution for your electric rickshaw.

Have Any Questions?

Do your LiPo batteries have a built-in BMS?

Yes, the built-in intelligent BMS, such as JBD/SmarTec, ensures the battery is intelligently managed.

The number of batteries in an e-rickshaw varies depending on the size of the motor, usually four batteries.

Regular charging, avoiding overcharging, keeping batteries clean and dry, checking water levels (for lead-acid batteries), monitoring temperature, equalizing charging (for lead-acid batteries), inspecting for damage, using proper charging infrastructure, following manufacturer guidelines, and adequate storage are essential tips for e-rickshaw battery care.

The battery life of a tricycle varies depending on the type of battery used. Lead-acid batteries typically last around 2.5 years, lithium batteries last approximately 15 years, and sodium batteries have a lifespan of about ten years.

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