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Golf Cart Battery Manufacturer

Upgrade your fleet with Minghong power’s high-performance lithium-ion golf cart batteries. Our batteries offer longer range, faster charging, and reduced maintenance costs.

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MingHong Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery

38.4V 105Ah

51.2V 105Ah

76.8V 105Ah

76.8V 160Ah

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Extended Lifespan

Extended Lifespan

Our customized battery cycle life exceeds 3,000 cycles, with discharge rates of 100A to 500A, translating to a 10+ year lifespan, reducing overall battery replacement costs for your fleet.

Superior Performance

Superior Performance

The special plate design combined with lithium iron phosphate battery technology enables our golf cart batteries to provide higher output power, more stable current output, and faster charging speeds.

Smart BMS

We use advanced power calculation to accurately measure the battery's power. Through CAN2.0 communication, we report voltage, current, power, and more to the host system.

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Why Chooes Us

Cheap Golf Cart Battery Manufacturer

Explore our wide range of deep-cycle lithium batteries tailored to your needs. We offer power solutions ranging from compact 38.4V30Ah to rugged 76.8V100Ah. Our batteries integrate seamlessly with a variety of communication protocols, such as RS232, RS485, CAN, and GPRS, and are compatible with major brands of vehicle controllers and more on the market.

Our batteries provide reliable performance on various golf courses, whether you’re driving a chartered cart or a multi-seater model, such as a 2-seater, 4-seater, 6-seater, 10-seater, or even a 14-seater.

Have Any Questions?

Can golf cart batteries be used in a solar power system?

Lithium golf cart batteries can be used in a solar power system, but only with a proper battery management system (BMS) to regulate charging and discharging cycles.

No, marine batteries are not designed for the deep-cycle discharge and recharge cycles typical of golf cart usage. They can be damaged and may not provide the expected performance.

Lithium-ion golf cart batteries offer numerous advantages over traditional flooded lead-acid batteries, including lower operating costs, increased efficiency, and enhanced rider experience for your golf carts.

Lithium batteries cannot be effectively restored once they reach their end-of-life. However, their extended lifespan significantly reduces the need for replacements compared to lead-acid models.

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