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Lithium RV Battery Manufacturer

We offer state-of-the-art lithium battery solutions for RVs. Our lifepo4 batteries deliver optimal performance, reduce reliance on generators, and simplify the charging process for your entire fleet.

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High Quality RV Batteries

12.8V 300AH

48V 450AH

48V 100AH

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High-quality imported battery core

High-quality Imported Battery Core

Adopting A grade battery core, the internal resistance is less than 2 mΩ, which reduces the self-consumption rate of the lithium battery of the caravan, prolongs the power supply time, and is not easy to heat up when discharging with high current, which is more durable and reliable.

Active equalization technology

Active Equalization Technology

The active equalization function ensures that the voltage difference of a single unit is controlled within 9/10,000 of the voltage, improving the overall performance and life of the RV lithium battery pack and maintaining a stable charging and discharging state.

Efficient Energy Utilisation

Lead to Lithium Upgrade

This leads to the realization of lithium technology, upgrading the caravan lithium battery to a more efficient and environmentally friendly system, improving energy utilization, and reducing environmental impact.

Stable charging

Stable Charging and Discharging Characteristics

It supports linear charging and discharging from 5.2V to 2.5V, and the voltage drop is no more than 5% after three months, which maintains stable performance in long-term use and storage.

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Why Chooes Us

Dependable Lithium RV Battery Supplier

We are perfectly matched with top inverters such as Victron, SMA, Roger, etc., and also have the following advantages:

Multiple Designs Available: 4.24V/12V/36V/48V designs are complete to meet different RV needs.

Customized Size: customised size is available upon request, perfect fit for your caravan space.

Optional voltage display and Bluetooth function: real-time monitoring of battery status, easy to manage and maintain.

Equipped with coulometer: accurate monitoring of power usage, intelligent energy management.

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