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Marine Battery Manufacturer

We are a professional manufacturer of marine deep-cycle batteries. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products and services to the marine industry as a long-lasting and reliable energy solution for marine.


Custom Marine Lithium Battery

Our Li-ion batteries use an intelligent BMS to monitor and manage the battery status in real-time, ensuring long life and high safety, the batteries support fast charging and long discharge times. Whether for large commercial vessels or private yachts, we offer customized battery solutions that ensure excellent performance in a variety of marine environments.

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High-quality imported battery core

Lead to Lithium

Our marine lithium batteries use lead-to-lithium technology to improve energy conversion efficiency by up to 20%, resulting in longer sailing times and a more reliable power supply.


High Current Busbar

Equipped with a high-current copper-aluminum busbar, it effectively reduces the heat generation during the discharge process, making the heat generation only half of the traditional lead-acid batteries, which improves the stability and reliability of the system and ensures the performance of the batteries under the high-intensity use environment.

Extended Lifespan

Waterproof Design

Our marine lithium batteries have an IP68 waterproof design, which can operate safely and reliably in the water environment and, at the same time, can keep the batteries usually working when the depth of submergence reaches 1 meter, providing continuous and stable electric power support for marine equipment.

Flexible and Adjustable

Advanced BMS

It adopts an advanced battery management system (BMS), including SOC calculation, equalization function, sleep function, charge activation, and other functions. Meanwhile, it has a display/PC function, DCDC boost output function, and multi-level monitoring function.

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Why Chooes Us

Marine Lithium Battery Supplier

We are not only committed to producing high-quality marine lithium batteries but also continue to innovate and develop advanced technologies, such as self-heating and self-cooling (water cooling) systems for batteries, which effectively solve battery problems in high and low-temperature environments, providing longer cycle life and greater power output. In addition, our products undergo rigorous pin-prick and drop tests to ensure stable operation without fire or explosion, providing higher safety and reliability for ships.


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Ship Power

Diving Equipment

Offshore Platform

Detection Equipment

Have Any Questions?

What kind of batteries are ships installed with?

Ships are typically installed with marine batteries specifically designed for maritime use. These batteries are built to withstand harsh sea conditions, including moisture, vibrations, and temperature fluctuations.

Yes, battery-powered ships are gaining traction due to advancements in battery technology, environmental concerns, and regulatory pressures to reduce emissions. While they may only partially replace traditional fuel-powered ships in some aspects of the industry, they are increasingly being adopted for certain types of vessels, such as ferries, short-range cargo ships, and leisure boats.

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