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Motive Power Battery Manufacturer

Charge ahead with battery company Minghong’s leading power battery manufacturer that delivers durable, high-performance energy solutions in the battery industry.

Feature Products

Motive Power Battery Solution

48V Power Battery

Our range of 48V batteries offers great power and fast charging times, making them ideal for medium-sized tools and vehicles. Designed for optimum performance, they ensure your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently.

60V Power Battery

The 60V battery features advanced safety mechanisms and complies with stringent industry standards to provide you with a reliable and long-lasting power solution.

72V Power Battery

Our 72V power battery offers exceptional performance and rapid recharge for heavy-duty electric vehicles and industrial equipment, ensuring reliable operation in challenging environments.

Why Chooes Us

OEM Power Battery Factory

When you choose our power battery, you will get first-class performance and reliability in the battery industry. Our power batteries have an energy density of up to 250 wh/kg, setting a high standard within the battery industry. In addition, our batteries adopt multiple safety designs and have passed the stringent UN 38.3 and UL 1642 certifications, ensuring top-notch safety and quality. We also provide customized solutions to meet the diversified needs of different customers.

What is Motive Power Battery

A power battery is a battery that provides electricity. It is used in electric tools, cars, trains, bicycles, and golf carts. Power batteries are an essential part of new energy vehicles and the future of energy. Power batteries usually have one or more electrochemical cells. 

These are connected to electronic devices through external connections. When the battery provides electricity, the positive pole is the cathode, and the negative pole is the anode.

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