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Motorcycle Battery Manufacturer

Minghong, a professional motorbike battery manufacturer and supplier, specializes in developing and producing lithium iron phosphate (Li-FePO4) batteries, which provide long-lasting power support for all kinds of motorbikes.

Feature Products

MingHong Motorcycle Lithium Batteries

6V Motorcycle Battery

High performance and compact design for small to medium-sized motorbikes.

12V Motorcycle Battery

Provides excellent power and long life for a wide range of high-performance motorbikes.

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Fast Charging

The battery plates are only 0.45mm thick, with sufficient surface area and porosity to ensure that the active substance reacts fully with the sulphuric acid solution to achieve 5C fast charging.


High Power Output

Our batteries can provide up to 5000W of power output, ensuring the vehicle gets enough power when needed.


Long Life

With lithium iron phosphate battery technology, it lasts longer than traditional batteries. Our batteries are tested to handle over 5,000 charge and discharge cycles, and a stacking process is used to lower internal resistance.

Low Self-Discharge Rate

Low Self-Discharge Rate

Our motorbike batteries have a self-discharge rate of only 3%, which means that the batteries maintain a high charge level even when not in use for long periods.

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Why Chooes Us

More Than 10 Years of Motorcycle Battery Production

We have established an excellent reputation in the industry. We offer high-quality battery products and provide complete system solutions, including supporting equipment such as chargers and voltage reducers.

Our batteries support BT monitoring and GPS function to ensure you keep track of the battery status in real-time. In addition, we also provide customized service; you can print your exclusive logo on the battery to meet personalized needs.


Motorcycle Battery Application Guide

Electric Motorcycle

Beach Motorcylce


Multi-purpose Vehicle

Personal Watercraft

Motorboat Batteries

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