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Solar Battery Manufacturer in China

We are a top solar cell and energy storage system manufacturer based in China, focusing on providing efficient and reliable energy solutions to help the world achieve sustainable development.

Feature Products

Different Solar Batteries We Offer

Inverter Battery

Our inverter batteries have a capacity of up to 200Ah and a cycle life of over 3,000 cycles, ensuring stable and reliable power support during any power fluctuations.

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Our battery energy storage systems (BESS) have a high energy density of 100kwh per module and are intelligently managed to provide superior storage solutions for renewable energy integration and grid balancing.

Stackable LiFePO4 Battery

It supports 6000+ cycle life, flexible connection options, and four mounting options (wall-mounted, horizontally stacked, rack-mounted, or vertically stacked), and it supports up to 30 parallel connections.

Server Rack Battery

Our server rack battery series uses safe and reliable lithium iron phosphate (Li-FePO4) batteries, supports flexible parallel expansion, is energy efficient, easy to install, is suitable for both on-grid and off-grid systems, and comes with a five-year warranty.

Powerwall Battery

Our powerwall battery series is IP67 waterproof and dustproof, supports continuous charging and discharging up to 100A (200A optional), supports parallel connection, is compact and lightweight, and is easy to wall-mount.

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Low Self-Discharge Rate

High Safety

Adopting lithium iron phosphate batteries as the cathode material has the advantages of high safety, high stability, high cycle life, high specific energy, and high and low-temperature performance to ensure the safety and reliability of the battery pack.

Anti-vibration design

Anti-Vibration Design

Cold rolled sheet metal shell filled with internal anti-vibration structure, special epoxy plate protection, and aluminum laser welding process connection, providing high safety and reliability, superior anti-vibration, and anti-shock performance.


Remote Management

The GPRS module can be added according to the customer's requirements to realize the whole system's remote app and view the system status and alarm prompts, which is convenient for remote management and real-time monitoring and provides remote program upgrading service.

Intelligent Monitoring

Equipped with an LCD screen display, it can view a single cell's temperature, voltage, working status, discharge current, dynamic and static SOC algorithms, accurately locate the abnormal cells, and display alarm information, improving monitoring accuracy and response speed.

Why Chooes Us

Solar Energy Storage Supplier

As a leading solar battery manufacturer in China, we specialize in providing solar energy storage solutions. We have 3 DIP lines, two assembly lines, and inspection and testing equipment to meet customers’ product quality requirements, covering solar cells and solar energy storage systems to meet customers’ demand for renewable energy.


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Solar Power System

Wind-Solar Hybrid

Mobile Deployment

Lithium Battery Integrated

Have Any Questions?

Which solar batteries last the longest?

The longevity of solar batteries can vary depending on several factors, such as the brand, type (lead-acid, lithium-ion, etc.), maintenance, and usage patterns. Generally, lithium-ion batteries tend to last longer than traditional lead-acid batteries in solar applications.

Yes, deep-cycle batteries are commonly used for solar energy storage. They are designed to withstand repeated deep discharges and recharges, making them suitable for renewable energy systems like solar power.

There are numerous lithium battery manufacturers in the market, including the following well-known ones:

  1. CATL
  2. LG Chem
  3. Panasonic
  4. BYD
  5. Samsung SDI
  6. Tesla

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