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Storage Battery Factory

As a professional energy storage battery factory, we are committed to providing reliable, long-lasting, and efficient batteries widely used in various fields, including electric vehicles, industrial energy storage, and home energy storage devices.

Feature Products

MingHong Storage Lithium Batteries

UPS Battery

Our UPS batteries provide reliable backup power to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your equipment in critical times, keeping your data and equipment safe.

Solar Battery

We are designed specifically for solar systems. Our batteries store renewable energy efficiently to provide continuous and stable green power and maximize solar utilization.

Inverter Battery

Suitable for all inverter systems, our batteries have excellent discharge performance and a long life to ensure efficient and stable power conversion.

Other Storage Battery

Minghong also offers a wide range of other storage batteries in various sizes and models.

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Why Chooes Us

Leading Ion Battery Manufacturing Power Plant

Our 10,000-square-foot battery factory facility strictly adheres to the requirements of the ROHS directive to ensure that each lithium battery product meets environmental protection and safety standards. As a professional lithium battery manufacturer, we also offer customized product manufacturing services to meet specific customer needs and ensure superior quality and reliable performance.

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