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UPS Battery Manufacturer

As a professional UPS battery manufacturer,our UPS batteries are designed to provide reliable backup power for various equipment and systems.

Fearture Products

MingHong UPS Batteries

UPS Battery Module

Our three-input, three-output modular UPS uses fully digital control technology to provide data centers with reliable, stable, uninterruptible power supplies that are environmentally friendly and efficient.

Standby UPS

Standby UPS provides a variety of communication connections, including regulated output, surge protection, and intelligent plug-in cards, to ensure the stable operation of equipment.

Double-Conversion UPS

Rack-mounted, pure online double-conversion UPS system that efficiently matches user equipment reduces energy consumption and improves stability and efficiency.

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Efficient Energy Utilisation

Efficient Energy Utilisation

Our UPS has an output power factor of up to 0.9, fully matching the mainstream load equipment preparation, and double conversion efficiency of up to 95%, saving users a lot of energy.

Flexible and Adjustable

Flexible and Adjustable

Our UPS is compact, 10kVA, and only 2U in height, saving valuable cabinet space. At the same time, our products are configured with an adjustable number of batteries so that you can set the matching parameters according to the user's number of batteries.

Multi-Functional Design

Supports parallel expansion, which can enhance system capacity and redundancy. In addition, our products are equipped with various communication interfaces, compatible with managing various virtualization systems, and meet the reliability requirements of various redundancy levels.

Advanced Technology

Our UPS adopts leading CPU-integrated control technology, which ensures more reliable UPS performance by applying SMD surface mount technology and CPU-integrated control technology.

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Why Chooes Us

Your Power Solutions Experts

We have advanced production equipment and strict quality control processes to ensure that each UPS battery is precisely manufactured and tested to ensure stable and reliable product quality. In addition, our products not only have an ultra-wide voltage input range, capable of stable operation in the input voltage range of 145VAC~275VAC, but also provide unique vertical, horizontal, and rack-mounted three kinds of installation methods, which can flexibly meet the installation needs of different scenarios, and maximize the space-saving.

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